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Welcome to Beechfield Bonsai

Beechfield Bonsai is a UK based online retailer of outdoor bonsai trees, bonsai tools and bonsai related supplies. We seek to offer the best quality and value products, backed up by the highest levels of service.

Our bonsai tool range covers all levels and all abilities. Our basic bonsai tool range is aimed at the bonsai beginner and budget conscious enthusiast. We stock a comprehensive range of tools offering the ability to build a great tool kit at a low price.

We are a leading stockist of Ryuga bonsai tools, available in both stainless steel and black carbon finishes. They are produced in China for the Japanese market, offering the quality of a Japanese product at an affordable cost.

We also offer the best of Japanese bonsai tools, stocking both Yagimitsu bonsai tools and Okatsune tools.

We also sell all of the sundries and accessories that you may need to keep your trees in top condition. These include bonsai wire, soils and fertilisers such as Naruko, Bio Gold and Omakase pellets.

Whilst we are primarily an online retailer, our nursery in Shropshire, UK is slowly taking shape. If you would like to visit us then please get in touch. Fridays through to Mondays are generally preferred but with the gardening season in full flow and garden shows abound, we are not always around.

We aim to make bonsai accessible for all.

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