December Bonsai Jobs

Frozen branches on a tree December

Well, we have made to the end of the year and only the December bonsai jobs remaining before we
start it all again.

As the countdown to the holiday season begins, the list of bonsai specific jobs tails off. Instead we
have a month of general maintenance, contemplation and personal improvement to tempt you.

Work first and pleasure later and run you through this months jobs.

Give your tools an end of year clean

Having got through the year, you may be thinking of putting your tools away for the winter. Before
you do so, it is good to give them a little maintenance first.

Maintaining your tools, no matter what they cost will prolong their life. The process for maintaining
your scissors, trimmers and secateurs are:

  • Thoroughly clean the blades using
  • Sharpen the blades if necessary using a whetstone
  • Apply a little camellia oil to protect the blades from rusting and keep things moving
  • Always store your scissors with the blades closed and in a dry place

Clear snow from trees

While outdoor trees can take a little frost and snow, it is advisable to clear snow from your trees. This
helps evergreens to convert sunlight to energy, particularly non-coniferous evergreens. It also stops
the snow from melting and adding more water into the pot.

When or even if the snow arrives, and when it has stopped, go out and give your trees a quick brush
over to remove the bulk of the snow.

Alternatively, you could move your trees to a sheltered spot in advance if the weather forecast is
looking snowy.

Learn new skills

During the dark nights, there is plenty of time to seek new skills and knowledge online. While this
can be done all year round, we all have better things to do during the lighter evenings. You can
search the internet for all sorts of new skills, but here are some ideas to get you going:

Online Bonsai Courses from Bonsai Empire

Getting Started – This 1 hour online course will show you how to create your own Bonsai tree in 5 well-explained steps. No theory, this is about doing it yourself!

Bonsai Beginners Course – This 1.5 hour online course will teach you the basics of Bonsai, and assist you in the growing and styling your own Bonsai trees.

Bonsai Fundamentals Course – During this 2 hour online course, you will learn about the principle concepts of Bonsai; Plant physiology, Japanese aesthetics and Design.

Bonsai Intermediate Course – In this 3.5 hour online course, you will learn about the mechanics of wiring, delve into the aesthetics of design, and expand your knowledge of Bonsai.

Advanced Bonsai Course – This extensive 6 hour online course will provide you unique access to the latest and most advanced Bonsai techniques.

Shohin Bonsai Course – Spread over 5 hours, this online practical course will cover the somewhat specialist subject of growing and displaying Shohin bonsai trees.

Complimentary Online Courses

Photography – If you wish to know more about photography to take better images of your trees then
look here.

Drawing – If you wish to draw a sketch mock-up of a tree that you will be working on then look here.​

Photoshop classes – getting a little more sophisticated, but if you want to learn to take an image of
your tree and then create a mock-up of that on a computer then look here.

Seek Inspiration

If you haven’t heard of YouTube, then it’s an online video sharing platform. You will find almost
anything you could think to search for.

Now a word of warning, some videos are rather poor in quality and content but some are very good.
Here are some of our favourite YouTube channels to get you going:

Graham Potter from Kaizen Bonsai
Eisei-en Bonsai by Bjorn Bjorholm
Bonsai Mirai by Ryan Neil

Festive spirit

We wish you the best holidays period possible. Tools down and enjoy the time out, because it will all start again soon enough.

Best Wishes from Beechfield Bonsai.