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June Bonsai Jobs

June sees the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and that means plenty [...]

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Black Carbon vs Stainless Steel

When it comes to buying bonsai tools, there are two primary choices; Black Carbon Steel [...]

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Pine Needle Cast

Pine needle cast is a type of fungal disease that affects pine trees, causing the [...]

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May Bonsai Jobs

Before heading out to begin the May bonsai jobs, we take a quick look out [...]

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April Bonsai Jobs

April is usually known for rain showers, but so far this year we have already [...]

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Unlocking the Basics of Fertiliser NPK

Unlocking the Basics of Fertiliser NPK: The Nutrient Trio for Bonsai Health and Development Fertilisers [...]

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Bonsai Tree Styles

Bonsai trees are cultivated in various styles, each representing a distinct aesthetic and design philosophy. [...]

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March Bonsai Jobs

The start of meteorological Spring arrives with a level of anticipation and an itch to [...]

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