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Bonsai Deadwood

Bonsai deadwood, also referred to as Jin (branch) or Shari (trunk) requires work to create and work to improve and maintain over the years.

Regular cleaning, and treatment with lime sulphur will keep the deadwood looking sharp and improve the aesthetics of your bonsai.

We stock a range of cleaners, brushes and solutions to keep your bonsai deadwood in top condition.

Bonsai Deadwood Products

Beechfield Bonsai Tools

Nylon and Steel Brush


Bonsai Deadwood

Bonsai Pressure Washer


Bonsai Deadwood

Bark Stripper Multi Tool


Bonsai Deadwood

Bonsai Brush 170mm


Bonsai Deadwood

260mm Brass Brush


Bonsai Deadwood

Ryuga 200mm Steel Brush