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Bonsai Soils

If you thought that choosing fertiliser was difficult, the choice of bonsai soils can cause arguments and divide families. We have provided a selection of the most common soils and additives to help in this matter.

To make things easier, we stock a range of pre-made bonsai soil mixes that are ready to use for both coniferous and deciduous bonsai trees. For the more experienced, you may choose to tailor these bonsai soil mix recipes to add your own touch from our bonsai soil components.

We sell the most popular bonsai soil substrates including Akadama, Crushed Lava Rock, Kyodama, Kanuma, Kiryu, Pumice and Kurodama. All of our soil products are sieved and graded allowing you to choose the applicable size for your trees.

Our range also includes some of the more specialist products such as Zeolite and Horticultural Charcoal to help bring on your trees and keep them healthy.

For further information, take a look at our article covering Bonsai Soil Substrates.

If you would like to purchase larger quantities then please get in touch with us.

Bonsai Soil Products