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Bonsai Collecting Tools

Collected trees can provide the basis for great bonsai, in fact the best bonsai on the planet will all have been collected and usually from the wild.

Whether you are collecting from woodland, a building site or your own back garden, our range of tree collecting tools will make the job easier. The quicker than a tree is taken out of the ground the better then better for you and the tree, increasing the chances of success.

Please remember that that unless the tree is in your own garden, you need permission to harvest any material and you could be prosecuted if permission is not sought and granted.

Bonsai Collecting Products

Bonsai Collecting Tools

Heavy Duty Folding Saw


Bonsai Collecting Tools

Wheely Bin Liners x6


Bonsai Collecting Tools

Hand Chain Saw

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Bonsai Collecting Tools

Deluxe Hori Hori