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Bonsai Tools

At Beechfield Bonsai, we stock the best quality and value bonsai tools that we can find. We look for value for money, build quality and effectiveness.

We stock a basic tool range for new comers. These are a cheaper tool that will provide a great introduction to bonsai. With a little cleaning and maintenance they provide great value for money and will last for years.

Our Ryuga tools are a great mid-range bonsai tool. Manufactured in China to Japanese standards they are a great price and feel very comfortable to use.

At the higher end we have two brands of tools. Yagimitsu bonsai tools are used the world over by bonsai professionals. They are expected to last a lifetime with the usual maintenance.

Okatsune are Japans number one brand of garden secateurs. Alongside the secateurs, we stock their range of shears and scissors for bonsai and niwaki.

Bonsai Tool Categories

Bonsai Tool Products

Basic Bonsai Tools

Bonsai Brush 170mm


Ryuga Bonsai Tools

Ryuga 230mm Nylon Brush


Ryuga Bonsai Tools

Ryuga Grafting Tool 205mm


Ryuga Bonsai Tools

Ryuga Trunk Splitter 205mm


Yagimitsu Bonsai Tools

Yagimitsu Bonsai Wire Cutters 180mm


Yagimitsu Bonsai Tools

Yagimitsu Bonsai Knob Cutters 210mm


Basic Bonsai Tools

Branch Bending Tool 420mm


Basic Bonsai Tools

Fixed Blade Saw 350mm


Okatsune Bonsai Tools

Okatsune 105 Folding Saw


Basic Bonsai Tools

170mm Steel Wire Brush


Basic Bonsai Tools

170mm Brass Wire Brush