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Bonsai Tools

At Beechfield Bonsai, we stock the best quality and value bonsai tools that we can find. We look for value for money, build quality, feel and effectiveness to offer the best tools to our customers.

We stock a comprehensive range of Dingmu bonsai tools. They are an excellent choice for all bonsai abilities and come at an affordable price.

Our Ryuga bonsai tools are a great mid-range bonsai tool. Manufactured in China to Japanese standards they are a great price and feel very comfortable to use.

Yagimitsu bonsai tools are used the world over by bonsai professionals. They are expected to last a lifetime with the usual maintenance.

Okatsune are Japan’s number one brand of garden secateurs. Alongside the secateurs, we stock their range of shears and scissors for bonsai and Japanese niwaki pruning.

Bonsai Tool Categories

Bonsai Tool Products


Yagimitsu Bonsai Tools

Yagimitsu Tweezers / Spatula


Bonsai Helper Tools

Bonsai Helper Snips


Ryuga Bonsai Tools

Ryuga Bonsai Carving Tool Set


Dingmu Bonsai Tools

Dingmu 8 Piece Bonsai Tool Kit


Dingmu Bonsai Tools

Dingmu 5 Piece Bonsai Tool Kit


Dingmu Bonsai Tools

Dingmu Bonsai Tool Roll


Dingmu Bonsai Tools

Dingmu Bonsai Root Hook