June Bonsai Jobs

June sees the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and that means plenty [...]

May Bonsai Jobs

Before heading out to begin the May bonsai jobs, we take a quick look out [...]

April Bonsai Jobs

April is usually known for rain showers, but so far this year we have already [...]

March Bonsai Jobs

The start of meteorological Spring arrives with a level of anticipation and an itch to [...]

February Bonsai Jobs

As we move into the shortest month of the year, there still aren’t many hands-on [...]

January Bonsai Jobs

Another New Year brings with it a new list of January bonsai jobs. After the [...]

December Bonsai Jobs

Well, we have finally made it through to the end of 2020, possibly the longest [...]

November Bonsai Jobs

The clocks have gone back, and it’s time to dig out your winter hats and [...]

October Bonsai Jobs

There is always something to do in bonsai and October is no different. Our October [...]

September Bonsai Jobs

September has a tendency to slide in like the bill under a hotel room door, [...]