It would be fair to say that 2019 hasn’t been a bad year on the whole for us at Beechfield Bonsai. We have had our successes in meeting the objectives we set out at the beginning of the year. We do however, have some jobs that we have not even made a dent in for various reasons.

Our biggest lack of progress has been transforming more of our grounds for bonsai cultivation and sales. The main reason for that has been the high water table combined with the high level of rain that we have had. At times part of our site has been a mud pit where we dread to go.

That said, we don’t take knock backs lying down and revised plans are now underway. We have the first phase of work starting on 10th January in an effort to at least reduce the mud.

I recall the saying that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ but it did, by calculation, take over 1 million days to build Rome. Given that time is our most limited resource, I should not have such high expectations of what we can achieve but I will settle for a little less mud.

Our sales have been buoyant, in fact as soon as we get raw material in, someone turns up and clears us out. We can’t complain and as a result we do intend to use some of our ground to offer quality pre-bonsai material at the great prices we are known for.

In terms of the new products that we introduced in 2019, I have to admit that the Camelia Oil Dispenser is among my favourites. The simple things in life are sometimes the most rewarding.

In 2020, we will begin the search for another brand of bonsai tools to introduce. While this was a casual task in 2019, we didn’t have much luck and didn’t select any of the five brands from the samples that we obtained. It’s a difficult task to find the best items and offer them at the best prices to our customers. We hope for better luck in 2020 on this and will keep you informed on our progress.

We do have some new products already lined up for 2020 and more news will be released nearer the time.

So I will return to my notepad, filled with ideas and lists of jobs to continue planning 2020.

I would like to thank all of our customers for their support and in some case offers of free labour. We hope to continue rewarding you in 2020 with the best products at the best prices. Our aim continues to be making bonsai accessible to all.