Gifts for Bonsai Lovers

Gifts hanging from bonsai trees

I am sure that you have found out just how difficult it can be to buy gifts for bonsai lovers. So we have put together a list of bonsai gift ideas that you can choose from.

If all else fails to inspire you, then you could simply go for a gift voucher. Our gift vouchers are available in either a set denomination or you can choose your own value. But lets see what we can do about that inspiration.

Bonsai Tools

Buying bonsai tools for someone else can be difficult so why not take a look through our range of Dingmu, Ryuga and Yagmimitsu bonsai tools for some ideas. If you need any advice then get in touch with us and we will help you find the perfect gift for a bonsai lover.

We also stock a range of bonsai tool kits if you are looking for a ready made set of bonsai tools to giver as a gift.

Alternative Bonsai

Why not consider an alternative bonsai in the form of a Nanoblock construction kit. Nanoblock is an extremely micro-sized building block originating in Japan. With the smallest piece measuring just 4mmx4mmx5mm, they are fun to make, display and collect.

There are three Nanoblock bonsai kits available to choose from, all stocked on our website while stocks last.

DVD and Film

The film that immediately springs to mind is The Karate Kid, which provides some of the inspiration behind the popularity of bonsai. The bonsai trees owned and tended by Mr Myagi spurred many people on to take up bonsai. You can purchase the original film on DVD, Blu-ray and it is also available to download via Amazon.

In Around the World in 80 Gardens, Monty Don explores what a garden means for different people around the world and visits both small and large gardens to investigate. As part of the Journey, Monty visits China and Japan amongst many other countries. It’s the perfect gift for any bonsai lover or gardening fans in general.

Monty followed up with a journey to look deeper at Japanese gardens and examines how a mix of history and new innovations are shaping the gardens of Japan today. The DVD and accompanying book make excellent gifts.


Well, there’s a large number of bonsai books available to choose from, so here are a few of our recommendations.

The Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Bonsai by Ken Norman covers all of the basics, and includes information on the most popular varieties of trees used for bonsai.

The Bonsai Book by Dan Barton is an oldie but goodie, although only really available second hand. The book covers a number of case studies following Dan’s trees over a number of years. It also covers the techniques to grow, develop and maintain bonsai trees.

Bonsai with Japanese Maples by the late Peter D Adams, is a classic book offering inspiration for creating bonsai with Japanese Maples. A must for any fan of maple trees.

Bonsai Courses

Bonsai Empire offer a range of courses to cover fundamental and intermediate levels, with an advanced course in the making. They are self paced and do not timeout, so they can be viewed and reviewed at a later date.

They offer the following courses:

Getting Started – This 1 hour online course will show you how to create your own Bonsai tree in 5 well-explained steps. No theory, this is about doing it yourself!

Bonsai Beginners Course – This 1.5 hour online course will teach you the basics of Bonsai, and assist you in the growing and styling your own Bonsai trees.

Bonsai Fundamentals Course – During this 2 hour online course, you will learn about the principle concepts of Bonsai; Plant physiology, Japanese aesthetics and Design.

Developing Deciduous Bonsai – A comprehensive 10 hour online course where you will earn about the development of Deciduous Bonsai.

Bonsai Intermediate Course – In this 3.5 hour online course, you will learn about the mechanics of wiring, delve into the aesthetics of design, and expand your knowledge of Bonsai.

Advanced Bonsai Course – This extensive 6 hour online course will provide you unique access to the latest and most advanced Bonsai techniques.

Shohin Bonsai Course – Spread over 5 hours, this online practical course will cover the somewhat specialist subject of growing and displaying Shohin bonsai trees.

Other Courses

Alongside bonsai, there is a number of skills that would interest the bonsai lover. Why not look around at your local colleges for short courses that cover the following topics:

  • Pottery and Pottery Making, to progress towards making bonsai pots.
  • Photography, to capture the best images of bonsai trees.
  • Woodwork, bonsai display stands can be expensive so why not develop the skills to make them.
  • Horticulture, understanding what goes on inside the pot helps to create and maintain a healthy bonsai tree.

Days Out

For the person who has everything bonsai, why not consider a day out. The annual RHS Garden Shows feature bonsai exhibitors as well as the show gardens and the rest of the show. You can combine a great day out with viewing some great bonsai trees.

The National Bonsai Collection is housed at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. A day trip to Birmingham would be an ideal  opportunity to view the national collection.

Woodland Trust Membership

All bonsai enthusiast love trees and will undoubtedly spend time spotting and looking at trees in nature. The Woodland Trust share this passion and work to create, restore and save woodlands.

Currently looking after more than 1000 woods in the UK which are opened up for visitors to explore free of charge. The Woodland Trust helps to safeguard not only the trees and woods but also the wildlife that occupy them. This work further helps to combat climate change and maintain UK bio-diversity.

Membership of the Woodland Trust starts at just £4.00 for an individual, with great membership rates for joint memberships and families. A great gift for the eco-conscious bonsai lover, the membership rates can be viewed and gifted here.

For more information on the great work undertaken and what membership support, visit the Woodland Trust website.

Other Ideas

A good pair of secateurs should be a life-long partner for a gardener and Tobisho tools from Japan certainly are that. Manufactured in the mountains of Yamagata, these tools come steeped in tradition. Tobisho secateurs come highly recommended and make a fantastic gift.

When working on bonsai trees, some people like the peace, solitude and meditative quiet to concentrate on the task at hand. Other people prefer some background music to keep them going. A bluetooth speaker is perfect for streaming music using a smart phone, or how about a bluetooth beenie hat with speakers for the colder days?

For the bonsai enthusiast who has a shed or a greenhouse, taking a flask of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup will be a luxury during the colder weather. The Thermos ThermoCafé Stainless Steel Flask is a great all-rounder with a double wall vacuum insulation retains hot or cold temperatures. It has a 500ml capacity and has a handy twist and pour stopper allowing you to pour without removing the stopper. It is also BPA free, to ease your conscience.

Haws watering cans are renowned for their long history and great products. Their Classic Copper Gift Set are ideal for indoor bonsai tree owner, while for outdoor bonsai owners we would recommend The Warley Fall Two Gallon watering can. If the intended recipient used an hose pipe, then consider treating them to a Brass Spray Lance as a gift.

We hope that this article has been of use in your quest for a gift for a bonsai fan. If you have any ideas to add to this list then do get in touch with us.