It’s always a sad event when you are looking to sell a bonsai tree collection. That said, it is better to pass the trees on to someone who has the time and ability to continue their development.

A private bonsai collection can be as much an integral part of the family as a pet dog. Some collections have been nurtured over many years and as such, letting them go can be an emotional time. We may not like to think of such an event, but time waits for no man (or woman).

There are a few options open to you when the time comes. As much as we would welcome the opportunity to purchase private collections, there are other options to consider first.

Local Bonsai Club

We would always advise you try any local bonsai clubs and societies as first port of call. They will be  able to provide advice and guidance on how and where to sell them. Plus there is the possibility of their club members being interested in them. You can guarantee that the trees will be loved and cared for, supported by the club members.

Online Private Sale

You could look to sell the collection on on-line platforms, but the risk is that you either will not get a response or you will get tyre kickers offering very low value. This may be appropriate when selling one or two trees, but with a larger collection it invariably will not be.

Online auction sites provide another option, but shipping can be an issue. If you list your trees for collection only then this may limit the potential buyers and therefore the sale price.

Beechfield Bonsai

At Beechfield Bonsai we frequently purchase private bonsai collections with a view to reinvigorating them before finding them a new home. Our resources allow us to provide focussed care for each tree in order to meet their immediate, short and medium term needs.

If you are in the unfortunate position of looking to sell a bonsai tree collection, you have our sympathies. If you have evaluated the options and feel that we can help to ease the process then we would love to hear from you. Please use the form below to provide initial information and we will be in touch.