January Bonsai Jobs

January Bonsai Jobs Beechfield Bonsai

The new year brings with it a new list of January bonsai jobs. After the over indulgence of the festive period, the majority of people look forward to the new year with a sense of enthusiasm.

Bonsai enthusiasts are no different, albeit the ability to do things outdoors are slightly more limited at this time of year. That said, do not let your new year enthusiasm go to waste. Here are our thoughts for things to do in January.

Sharpen bonsai tools

We rely on our bonsai tools to help us produce and maintain our trees, and a little maintenance will keep them in tip top condition.

Take time to relax

The busy months will roll around soon enough., with bonsai jobs and general garden jobs eating away at our time. Make a pot of tea or coffee, sit in your favourite spot and take time to admire your trees.

You can also use the time to think about changes that may want to make to your trees and their display. Which ones are you going to repot? What styling are you going to create?

Hit the Internet

Having given thought to any changes you want to make to your trees during the spring, now is the time to start the internet search for new pots and wire.

With any remaining spare time during the dark nights, why not seek to improve your drawing skills? A quick search on Youtube for “how to draw a bonsai tree” will provide a number of videos for you to watch. You can then apply your new skills to sketch out design changes for your trees.

Get out there

Well that its for January bonsai jobs, we hope that our list gets you in to the mood.

Happy new year and may it be a prosperous one, in bonsai terms.